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Nefarious.Net FREE Hosting Information

  • Who is eligible?
    Our free domain hosting offer is extended to Detroit area DJs, electronic music producers, "culture" photographers, artists, flyer design companies, nightclubs, etc - basically anything to do with electronic music and Detroit. We do make some exceptions for those not directly in the Detroit / Southeast Michigan region, but those are by our choice. By "Detroit area" we mean, Detroit, it's immediate suburbs, and as far North as Flint, South as Toledo (Ohio), West as Lansing, and East as Port Huron. We also extend our offer to those of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

  • "FREE" huh, what's the catch?
    NONE. ZILCH. NO BULLSHIT. Our domain hosting service is absolutely, 100%, without-a-doubt cost and obligation FREE. It's our way of supporting the "scene". No banners, no pop-ups, no link-backs (unless you want to), nothing. Don't believe it? Go through the Hosted Sites page and see for yourself. Sure, a few sites have front page references of us "hosted by.. etc.", but that was their choice.

  • What comes with the FREE hosting?
    First off, let's just assure you that we are a REAL HOSTING PROVIDER. This isn't a resale service nor a bunch of guys with machines on their cable modems. We own our own servers, and our own Class C IP license. We guarantee 99% uptime, and fast speeds. Our domain hosting servers are placed on dual OC-12 burstable bandwidth redundant lines. Here's what you get:
    • Your own IP Address
    • 1 GB space
    • Unlimited bandwidth *
    • Unlimited POP email addresses & forwards
    • Online Full Control Panel
    • Full Perl, CGI, PHP, Python, & ASP support.
    • Frontpage Extensions Support
    • Postgres and MySQL (w/ phpMyAdmin) databases.
    • Full FTP Access
    • Built-in Web-Based Email Client
    • Web Stats & Usage Reports
    • RealNetworks' Helix Server access **
    • Use of our SSL Server to process secure data.
    • Free weekly backups of files, and daily of databases.
    • Mailing List Creation & Management
    • AND MORE!!
    * - By "Unlimited Bandwidth" we basically mean, feel free to have at it, but we're not a Warez drop, or a porn host, or an MP3 depot. We allow you to host a few of your OWN PRODUCED MUSIC in mp3, as well as maybe a mix or two in MP3 format, but keep in mind that this is free for everyone involved. Abusing bandwidth not only affects us financially, it takes away from your fellow Nefarious "Family Members". If we see that your are wildly transferring gigabyte upon gigabyte, we'll just send you off a nice friendly notice and reminder.
    ** - We'll give you FTP access and your own directory on our licensed RealNetworks Helix Server (RealMedia), to which you can just drop a .RAM link on your site pointing to the RealMedia file.

  • Why are you doing this and how can you afford it?
    Why? Everyone claims they want to "give back to the scene".. you've seen it on party fliers and message boards, etc. "Come Support Detroit!", but it's really "come support our event, or group", or whatever. Well, we're actually showing Detroit our "support". Not only do we love Detroit and its electronic music scene, but we're also geeks. So mesh the two together and this is what you get. Free domain hosting, $5 parties, and booths in Hart Plaza during the festivals. Our expenses far outweigh our income, and that translates to "supporting Detroit and giving back to the scene". How? The same way you support yourself, by working at our jobs and putting money into our side project. The $5 parties don't really make a dent into anything, except for a couple of occasions where they were huge, and the few paying customers on the Netwater side help a little, but mostly this is just out-of-pocket expense to have fun.

  • Okay, I'm hooked. Where do I signup?
    Not really a "signup" type procedure. Just email us and we'll get back to you promptly.

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