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In 2000, while attending the inaugural Detroit Electronic Music Festival (now known as "Movement : Detroit's Electronic Music Festival"), an idea surfaced in the minds of a group of local electronic music enthusiasts, and techie geeks: "Where on the Information Superhighway is there one place that other local Detroit electronic music artists, enthusiasts, DJs and the like can call home?".

After scouring the 'Net and finding Detroit artists and DJs spread out everywhere, some on the "not-so-free" hosts, some paying exhorbitant prices for such little quality, and even those whose only presence was a mere email address, those technie geeks came up with that home: NEFARIOUS.NET.

Since that time, N:NET, comprising of Mark D, Will, Mike S, and the Urf, has brought that idea into a reality by maintaining an online presence for the likes of Biokidd, The House of PR, Technocity Records, Beretta Music, Ethereal Designs, Mission:Detroit, and many other local electronic music artists and enthusiasts.

Our goal is to continue to reach out to the Detroit electronic music community through free domain hosting, electronic music culture awareness, Internet radio stations, social gatherings, and complete support of the Detroit "underground scene."

Nefarious.Net has been involved with Detroit's Electronic Music Festival (DEMF / Movement / Fuse-In) for the past five years by hosting a booth, dubbed the "Riverfront Stage", where over 120 local DJs have shown off their skills to millions on the concourse of Hart Plaza. N:NET was also responsible for the re-launching of Motor Detroit's website, as well as owning and maintaining the largest Detroit based online electronic music message board community, DetroitLuv.Com.

If you are a Detroit area DJ, electronic music or even hip-hop producer, artist, flyer designer, or even just an electronic music enthusiast, and are in need of domain name hosting with all the bells and whistles, and you want it for FREE, then this is where you belong. Feel free to drop us an email and we'll be sure to hook you up! It's our way of giving back to the community we love. For more information, see our quick Free Hosting FAQ.

    -Da Nefarious Crew-
  • Mark D! aka MD! (President, Designer, 2FN, Phunk Phenomenon - Detroit)
  • Mike aka Kushti (Vice President, System Administrator, LJ4050TN Whore - Haslett)
  • Will aka Chataqua (Vice President, 1FN, Enforcer - Detroit)
  • John aka Phin (Vice President, Events, Baby Daddy - Detroit)
  • Urfy (the silent partner and mentor - shhh!)
Media & Marketing
  • Amy aka Treegirl (Vice President (pro-tem), Marketing & Promotions - Detroit)
  • Ken aka Electropunk (Lead Photographer - Detroit)
  • Jody (Lead Filmographer - Detroit)

  • -Nefarious DJ Crew-
  • MD! (Drum n Bass - Detroit) (djmd@nefarious.net) (YIM: djmd_detroit) (AIM: djmd detroit)
  • Fallout Synthesis Corp (Techno/Minimal/Live P.A. - E. Lansing) (fsc@nefarious.net)
  • Dave Joeright (Techno/Trance - E. Lansing) (joeright@nefarious.net)
  • Eric Cloutier (Minimal Techno - Brighton) (element8@nefarious.net) (AIM: bulletnamedlove)
  • Pat Rodemeyer (Techno - Detroit) (pat@nefarious.net)
  • Dave Fisher (Techno / Tech House / Minimal - Detroit) (davef@nefarious.net)
  • Drew Maddox (Techno / Minimal - Detroit) (drew@nefarious.net)

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